Join us in our Great Mission


  1. Shiv Sarovar: We are planning the beautiful statue of Lord Shiva in “Dhyanastha Mudra”. Statue “Lord Shiva” will be 72 feet heigh. “Dwadarsh Jyotirlings” along with “Shiv Parivar”, “Dharmik Library & Museum” and the beautiful garden on the island.
  2. Pyramid Dhyankendra: Our new “Pyramid Dhyankendra” project will serve you mental peace, pleasure and religious satisfaction.
  3. The Boating activities in Shiv Sarovar, which will start soon for recreation of visitors.
  4. Train ride along with Jogging tracks around Shiv Sarovar.

In the past we always got the overwhelming support, co-operation and donations from our Kameshwar devotes for the following projects that are already completed and running successfully.


  1. Zinnodhar of Kameshwar Temple along with Navagraha with beautiful parisar.
  2. Satsang Bhavan with eleven roomsthat includes furniture and other amenities for stay.
  3. Kameshwar alphahar gruh for the refreshment
  4. Mini train for kids entertainment.
  5. Balkrindaghan for kids that features swings, slides, and other activities.
  6. Huge parking next to temple on block No.405
  7. Grah, Nakshatra and Rashivatika with plants accordingly.
  8. The beautiful island in the Shiv Sarovar where magnificent statue is going to take place.
  9. Pleasant pathway leading to the Kameshwar Sankul between the Shiv Sarovar with bridge joiningthe two parts of Shiv Sarovar.
  10. Good amount of donation to purchase the land along with Kameshwar Sankul Ca.82,000 Sf. Etc etc…

We need your co-operation and holy donation also as before. We are very thankful to the donors who had already given a good hand for the “Dwadarsh Jyotirlings” and Shiv Parivar. 1,11,111 rupees each and Dharmik Library as well as Shiv Museum.

We humbly request our “Kameshwar devotes” to donate in the name of your beloved 11,111 rupees each for this great mission of Shiv Sarovar & Pyramid Dhyankendra.

We have started “Late Shree Ramanlal Manganlal Mistry Medical relief fund” from which we have done various medical camps such as Blood donation camps, Eye Care, Calcium tests, Cancer pre predication camps, General Check ups for the all needy people.

We have also started “Shree Kameshwar Mahadev Educational Fund” from which we are organizing Mass prayers ( Bhajan Program), lectures regarding religion, education, Experts future education guidance seminar for youths.

“Our Faith in God with sincere efforts and your co-operation can move the Mountains”

Dear friends, awaiting for your co-operation, inspiration, and good suggestions. We pray “Lord Shiva” for sweet divine peace, pleasure and satisfaction to make your life perfect.

Thank you,

Shree Kameshwar Mahadev Mandir Trust, Gadat. invites all of you from bottom of our heart to visit this holy “Thirth Bhumi” full of banyan trees and lovely nature attached with “Shiv Sarovar”.