Shree Kameshwar Mahadev

Welcome to Shree Kameshwar Mahadev Temple

Kameshwar Mahadev is an ancient temple under a Banyan Tree on the bank of the Ambika river in Gadat which is 17 km. far from Navsari. It is believed that this place is the end of Aahwa – Dang forest and the Ashram of the saint Garg used to be on this place. It is also believed that Lord Rama had arrived on the spot. In the temple of Kameshwar Mahadev nine planets have been carved on one stone. This place is important to the temple of planets in Kashi. It is believed that the person who sits under this Banyan Tree becomes free from the disease. Lotuses blossom in the lakes next to the temple. Just now this temple has been renovated and it has cost one core rupees. There are two elephants of stone decorating the entrance of the temple. This temple is five thousands years old.